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Product development with experienced specialists

We realize components from the idea to the final product

Impetus Plastics Engineering is a highly specialized engineering company providing product development services in the plastics sector. We develop products in an integrated manner and across all industries and in addition to the long experience from numerous projects with a high degree of creativity for innovative ideas. If the client desires, we realize the products directly into our production.

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We develop new products from idea to the final product and assist you from prototype to the testing phase. Objective of our engineers is to ensure, within a defined time and on budget an optimal product design and functionality.



Creative Center

Good ideas and new concepts are called for in the field of product development and constitute the starting point of a lot of projects.

Finding ideas and concepts is a creative task, which nevertheless must be linked with a lot of systematic work.


Experimental set-up and tests

Components are subjected to a number of stresses in the course of their use. Impetus Plastics Engineering plans suitable experimental arrangements or test stands, also design these and supervises the material and component tests.


Simulation center

Impetus Plastics have their own Simulation Centre. This provides for all phases of product development, advanced analysis and simulation software. Enable us to streamline development time, minimize the number of trials and to avoid bad investments.


Consulting and Training

We will optimize the product development process in your companies and manage as a consultant your projects. We also supervise your projects and systematically introduce strategies and methods for product ideas fast, skillful and profitable to implement. We also provide trainings on product development.


Knowledge Portal - Product development

We offer a modern forum with extensive information, sound information for each phase of product development with plastics. The portal provides various tools such as the impetus concept Navi, a special tool for concept evaluation.

At the moment Online-reading is only available in German language. Only the tool "Concept-Navi" is  usable in English.


Injection moulding production

The injection moulding production, incorporated into the Impetus Plastics Group, is specialized in the field of high-quality, injection moulded components for various industries.

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